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What do you pack when you travel?

Updated: May 1, 2022

We all have certain things we never leave home without. I do quite a bit of travel each year so there are several things that I must have when I’m traveling- whether business or pleasure. Here are MY top 10.

1. Packing cubes: These are inexpensive AND really save time and space with packing and unpacking. I purchased 2 sets of these. They come in a variety of different colors. If the trip is over a week, I’ll take this laundry bag too.

2. Portable monitor: If I working or writing, I need an additional screen. I work with 2 screens when I’m home so I also need the convenience when I’m traveling. This one connects using a USB-C and it comes with a carrying case. If I don’t need to take my laptop, I take my iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard.

3. Purse Organizer: I typically check my bags and will carry on a tote. My current favorites are The Tote Bag by Marc Jacobs and the Coach Dempsey Tote. I use these inserts to keep myself organized. Day to day, I carry a crossbody because I don’t need much- keys, phone, lipgloss, and card case. So, when I carry a tote, I lose everything at the bottom and I really hate that. These keep this from happening.

4. I have this 2-piece set in 5 colors. I usually grab one to travel in and pack another to travel home in. They are extremely comfortable! They also pack and wash well.

5. Toiletry bottles: These are awesome. They are leak-proof and wide mouth so you’re not struggling to add your products. They come in a set of 6.

6. Kindle Paperwhite (and case): I love to read. I’m typically reading 2-3 books at a time. One for entertainment. One for educational purposes. And, one for motivation. I save space by downloading my books to the Kindle. Yes, I could just use my iPad but the Kindle is made to work in ANY light, I only have to charge it once a month, and I’m not concerned about water or sand destroying it. Don't forget about Kindle Unlimited too.

7. Yeti Tumbler and cup: If you know me, you know that I only drink ice-cold beverages. It’s probably why I rarely drink coffee and I don’t eat hot food. So, my Yetis (and I have several) keep everything cold for up to 24 hours, sometimes longer.

8. Hanging travel organizer: It’s where I store my toiletries when I travel. It stays ready. When I return from a trip, I replenish everything and store it until the next trip. I use a separate matching bag for my makeup and another bag for electrical cords. Yes, I am very organized when I pack/travel. Since I travel so much, I purchase luggage every couple of years. My new luggage is HOT PINK so this matches well. I purchased all 3 bags at Belk. They are on sale right now!! Previously, my luggage was purple. I still have it but I’m in the process of replacing the wheels on the largest bag. All the luggage prior to the last (purple) set was dropped off at Vapor, a local thrift store/ministry. You can also purchase the travel organizer and 2-bag set at Vera Bradley but I have zero patience and appreciates Amazon's 2-day shipping.

9. Passport holder: It holds my passport and my Covid vaccine card. Even if I’m not traveling internationally, I take my passport.

10. Travel pillow. I don’t care if I’m traveling for 2 hours, I hook this pillow to my tote and take it with me. If it’s a long trip, like internationally, I have a small satin sleeve (that I made) that goes on it because I do not wear a headscarf on a flight. That’s just me. You do you. I usually travel with a wrap or a long cardigan so if I’m chilly, I’ll use it as a blanket.

So that's it for me. That's not a complete list but definitely my top 10. What about you?


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