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Board and Batten

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Monday marks the first day of the 20-21 school year for me. I am an online teacher, so we start a bit earlier and do things a little different. I’m very fortunate to enjoy my job AND I get to do it from home (where it’s safe) or anywhere else with internet access. I will be teaching high school again this year, but I admit that I BRIEFLY thought about returning to 4th grade. I said BRIEFLY! LOL! The plan was to finish all of my home projects before the start of the school year. Well, I didn’t quite finish everything, but I did complete the project that I was looking forward to the most.

I’ve always wanted a board and batten type wall. It’s been on my Pinterest board since before we moved into this home 4 years ago. Well, I finally got the nerve to do it myself because #1 I like to save money. Labor is expensive. I can’t believe how inexpensive this project was and I love the impact that it makes on the space that guests see when they enter our home.

As I mentioned, I got the idea from this Pinterest post so this is nothing original. My measurements were different, and my strips were cut to 3 inches instead of 4 in. I purchased my board as a 4ft x 8ft piece and had Home Depot cut it into 3-inch strips. Any cut over 5 is 50 cents per cut and you have to put in an order because of the time it takes. Again, it was still worth it. I used all the supplies in the link above, but I also used a nail gun to secure everything to the wall. It was probably overkill but I felt better with using something other than glue. Believe it or not, I was lucky enough to find paint the I love in the “Oops” section. Yes!! Only $9.

When I started the project, I thought the most tedious part would be the measuring and cutting. Then, I thought painting it would be a headache. Nope! Neither of those were the issue. What was so tedious you ask? Filling the nail holes and caulking all of the seams. OMG! I didn’t think I’d ever finish. I notice that some people bypass the caulking, but I believe it gives it a clean/crisp look.

So, what are your thoughts? Is this something you would consider for your home? I’m thinking of doing a variation of this wall behind the headboard of my master bedroom but that will have to come later. This project wore me out. Now to convince Corey that I need a new dining set (I really don’t) and do some accessorizing.


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