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The life of a teacher...

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

What if you went to work one day and there was double the amount of staff you supervised?

And…What if the time that you were given to try to prepare for your workday was taken away because you had to do someone else’s job?

And…What if there was a contagious illness (that could kill you) that’s transmitted through the air and no one was required to wear a mask?

And... What if one or more of the people you supervise had this illness but was told (by your boss) to come to work anyway?

And... What if you couldn’t go to the restroom because there was no one available (for 5 minutes) to supervise your staff for you?

And... What if you couldn’t have a 15-minute break or a 30-minute lunch because (again) you must supervise your staff?

And…what if you were required to sanitize your work area (for 40 staff members in a space designed for 1/2 that) every 50 minutes with cleaning supplies that you purchased and won’t get reimbursed for?

And...what if it was snowing outside and the heat wasn’t working in your building and your boss wouldn’t let you work from home but your staff could?

And...What if you got sick (from this illness) and you weren’t given sick time because the benefit (for that particular illness) expired last year?

And...what if you had a sick staff member who vomited on the floor and you had to clean it because custodians were absent because either they were sick or their kids were sick?

And (to top it all off)... What if you were sued when you refused to go to work until proper safety protocols were in place?

I can do this all day and I'm not making this stuff up.

Listen, this is what (in-person) teachers are dealing with every single day. They are NOT lazy.

THEY ARE TIRED! They are tired of being martyrs to a cause with no ending in sight. And, when they speak up they are told to just quit or made to feel like they don’t care.

Stop saying that to teachers! If teachers are so valued, why aren’t safety protocols in place to protect them? If teachers are so valued, why aren’t they paid their worth? Why aren’t teachers given the physical and emotional support, benefits, and resources they need to educate our future leaders? Why are so many decisions related to education made by individuals that haven’t stepped a foot in a classroom?

Again, all teachers are not lazy. All teachers are not just making excuses to avoid going back to work. Teachers are trying to survive this pandemic, just like you. Most teachers truly LOVE what they do. But, they shouldn’t have to put their lives (and the lives of their families) on the line to do it.

Signed, Mrs. Reedy, a teacher


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