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Eats in Paris

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Last year, I vowed to return to Paris again. Guess what? I did. This time, I traveled with my husband, mom, and oldest daughter. We had such a great time. Not only did we visit Paris, but we took a train to Belgium and stayed overnight in Brussels to do a little site-seeing and of course, eating. The weather in Paris was pretty much perfect. It ranged from 55-60 degrees during the day. Now, Belgium was much cooler. There was a threat of rain before we left for Paris, but we only received a sprinkle here and there, not even enough for an umbrella.

The last post that I made about my Paris travels, I focused on what we did. This time, I’m going to focus on some of what we ate. Yep, TEAM GREEDY!

Le Wilson

We ate breakfast at Le Wilson prior to my daughter’s photoshoot*. We ate in the covered, heated patio. For only $12, I received ham and eggs, croissants, rolls, hot chocolate, and orange juice. I noticed that meals are served with a hot AND cold beverage. The food was delicious, and the service was super-fast. When the waiter asked how we wanted our eggs cooked, we all replied “hard”, in unison. LOL! The eggs were prepared just right. But, the BEST part of breakfast was the orange juice. OMG! It was like eating an orange. I soon learned that freshly squeezed orange juice machines are pretty much the norm there. I’m guessing it took 8-10 oranges for just my glass.

Chez Suzette Creperie

If you know me, you know that I have a terrible sweet tooth. It’s probably why I went to this restaurant twice. I tried to go a 3rd time but it didn’t open until noon and I had a flight to catch. Both times I had the peche mignon crepe and hot chocolate. The ingredients are compote de pommes maison, poire au sirop, glace vanille, amandes grillees, and chantilly, which translates to homemade [chunky] apple sauce, pear syrup, vanilla ice cream, toasted almonds, and whipped cream. It was perfect, both times. I didn’t even want to try anything new. I can’t say enough about it. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! And the hot chocolate was like drinking a cup of melted Hershey kisses.

Mama Jackson

This is Paris’ take on American soul food. We met one of Corey’s friends (from Ohio) and his wife for brunch. They were in Paris celebrating their anniversary. The brunch is a set menu. You can select from 5 sides but the meat is “fried” chicken. You will know why I used quotes in a moment. So, the sides were Jamaican rice, mashed potatoes, slaw, fried plantains, and fries. I picked the rice and potatoes. For dessert, there was a choice between French toast and waffles. I selected French toast. You receive plenty of food. When it arrived, it was pretty, unlike most plates of soul food. I was excited that my potatoes were orange, which I thought meant sweet potatoes. The rice was great. It was had a bit of a “kick’, which I like. It wasn’t just rice but rice and beans. The potatoes were not sweet potatoes, so I was thrown off when I ate a big spoon full. They tasted just “ok” because I was expecting something totally different. The chicken WAS NOT FRIED! I think it was shake and bake or some variation, not an ounce of grease or seasoning in sight. Now dessert! I have no idea how they were able to make my French toast so fluffy. Pure sorcery! The Jamaican rice and French toast were the best parts of the meal.

Other Eats

I had a wonderful waffle from an ice cream shop near our hotel. It was just off of Grands Boulevard and next to an oyster restaurant. I also had a delicious waffle at a little shop in Brussels. Oh my…. They had so many choices that it was hard to choose from. I finally decided on strawberries, chocolate, and whip cream.

Did I mention, I’m afraid to get on the scale! Ugh! Perhaps next time, I'll focus on my shopping.


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