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Is it Safe to Fly?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

So, I did it! I boarded a plane post Covid. Well, Covid still exists but you know what I mean. So, how was it? Well, not much different other than the mask. I took a mid-week flight and a weekend flight. I flew in and out of a small airport and a large airport. So, this is what I learned…

1) What you’re not going to do.

Corey and I spent time in the Delta Sky Club to and from our trip to Virginia Beach. Let me tell you what you’re not going to do. I don’t care what the CDC says, Delta says you’re going to wear your mask. If you’re not actively eating or drinking, your mask must be worn. On the plane and in the Sky Club, even when you’re sleeping. They have Delta employees who walk around the Sky Club and make sure this is happening. We went to one of my favorites- the big one near PF Chang in Atlanta. So, there was a guest who wouldn’t keep his mask on. The woman explained the requirement to him, and he put it on. Of course, he took it off as soon as she walked off. This man was not ready… When she came back around, she did a double take. You know the look that says, “I know he didn’t…” She walked up to him and said something (that we couldn’t hear) but you could tell she meant business. Then she said (loudly), “Is there going to be a problem?” When he acted like he didn’t hear her the first time. She said it again with more attitude. Let’s just say he put that mask on and kept it on unless he was eating or drinking. So, if you think you’re going into the Sky Club so you can take your mask off. Think again…

Birmingham crowds were about the same. It’s not a large airport so there’s not much to it. The convenience store at the entrance is closed as well as the Starbucks in the Delta terminal. The Atlanta crowd appeared a little less busy than usual but not much. Upon boarding you are given a sanitizer wipe. You are also required to where your mask if not actively eating or drinking. If talking or sleeping, the mask must be worn. Social distancing wasn’t enforced. The “middle-seat” empty scenario didn’t take place on any of the 4 Delta flights. My flights were relatively short. BHM to ATL and ATL to ORF. While traveling with Corey, we are usually upgraded to comfort or first class. For these flights, we were upgraded to first class. We were offered what is typically offered- snacks and drinks. Since these flights were so short (30 min and 1 hr. and 10 min) so no food was offered. So, I can’t speak for that. Oh, they were serving coffee as well. Oh, and alcohol.

Would I fly again! Absolutely! In fact, my next flight is in 19 days. I have 3 more before I return to work on July 19th. What’s coming after that? Well, I think Kaitlyn and I are going to Iceland. Maybe….


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