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From the Wall to the Floor

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

My absolute favorite decorative item in this house is this random piece of wood that I bought in Home Goods a little over 5 years ago. It was discounted (to $100) because it was missing “something”. I think it might have been a clock but I’m not sure. Weird…because if it had been a clock, I would have hated it. But, this cobwebbed piece of wood with random heavy duty staples and splotches of dried glue really caught my eye. I saw it and immediately fell in love. It is huge and so HEAVY that I had to hang it with a french cleat. A screw or nail just wouldn't do.

I knew that I would put it over my fireplace one day. When we moved into our current home (almost 5 years ago), that’s exactly what I did. I was adamant that I would not mount a TV over the fireplace. Of course, Corey thought we needed the biggest TV but I don’t see a TV as décor. So, we compromised. If I mounted TVs on 3 walls in his “man cave”, he would let go of the idea of putting one over the fireplace. And, that’s how it’s been…until now. So, I broke down and decided to mount a TV over the fireplace (insert eye roll) and even though I thought I would hate it, I actually do like it. It was a little bit of a headache to mount because of the studs but adding a wood platform to the studs and then attaching the mount worked well. I needed a little help lifting it onto the mount and a slight injury to my finger but it turned out great.

Someone once asked me, “Why do you always do the heavy lifting?” Where’s Corey? Well, pre-Covid, Corey traveled often. Since I’m impatient and want things done a certain way, I just started doing the projects myself. You know how it is, right? Your husband puts something together and there are 4 random pieces not attached and he insists they are “extras”. Or, he hangs a picture…crooked. Now, I’m not complaining because Corey is very, very helpful around the house but like I said, “I’m impatient and I like things a certain way.” So, I watched a ton of Youtube videos and then I’m self-taught. I still need his height and strength sometimes but for the most part, it’s what I do. Did I also mention that I’m great at changing brake pads? One example-Corey has a green thumb and is awesome at grocery shopping. Me? I hate gardening (because I don’t do insects) and hate grocery shopping even more. I haven’t purposefully grocery shopped in years. I’ll pick up things here and there but not full-on grocery shopping. Nope! We know our strengths and it just works for us.

So, what did I do with my favorite decorative piece? Of course, I had to find a place for it. I couldn’t just place it on any wall. And since I couldn’t decide on a wall, I repurposed it into a table. Yep, that’s right! It is now a table. I converted it to a table for around $60. The table legs were purchased on Amazon for $15. The 48 inch glass table top was a score. I found it on Facebook Marketplace for $40. Y’all, I couldn’t believe it! A 48-inch piece of finished edge, tempered glass for $40!?! Then, there are the bumpers that keep the glass top in place. They were around $5 from Home Depot.. And just like that, I now have a favorite table. I am hopeful that one day it will return to the wall but for now this is its new purpose.

Next up… a curio. I found it on Facebook Marketplace too.


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