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The Curio

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The word "curio" sounds like something i wouldn't have in my house. It sounds super traditional. I mean, I like traditional because I have a mix of traditional and modern in my home. But, "curio" sounds like where my grandma kept her knick-knacks. Then I thought, "Hey wait. I'm a grandma!"

Anyway, I started collecting Willowtree figurines when we lived in the Savannah area. After moving from Georgia to Ohio (and refusing to unpack everything) and then to Alabama, they have remained wrapped in a box for 10+ years. While looking at Amazon marketplace, I came across a curio for $40 and thought, "Hmmm, that could work." And, that's the beginning of this project.

As you can see, it was a medium-colored oak and I am not a fan of medium colored oak. I wanted to keep it light but not white. I thought metallic but not gold. So, I found this metallic champagne colored paint by Rust-Oleum on Amazon (of course). I also switched out the light. There was only one light and it was located at the top. So, I purchased 2 LED lights-one for the top and another for the middle. I don't know who designed the lighting but that simple light wasn't enough to extend to the bottom of the curio. I changed the glass clips to clear because they were brown and the door pulls because they were just plain ol' ugly. In total, I spent about $100. Not bad. I probably could have purchased something already finished but what's the point in that.

After removing all of the glass and brown glass clips and covering the mirrors, it was lighted sanded and primed. I couldn't risk chipping because of the finish and metallic paint. It's not super metallic but it does have a sheen. Prepping, priming, and painting this piece took FOREVER! I let it cure in the garage for about 2 weeks before bringing it in the house. Again, I really wanted that paint to adhere well. After placing it in it's new home in the loft, I added the lights and all the glass. And finally, my figurines. Since I have a place to display them now, maybe I'll start buying them again. Um, this is a great gift idea. Hint-Hint! :)


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